Start your own TUFF league
Are you passionate about youth sports and want to make a positive impact in your local community? 
Becoming a TUFF league commissioner might just be the perfect opportunity for you! TUFF, Texas Ultimate Flag Football youth league, offers a unique and exciting platform for children from kindergarten to 8th grade to get involved in football. 
We are a Christian Texas-based organization dedicated to the development of young athletes through flag football is a promising endeavor that can have a significant positive impact on the community. 
Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a TUFF league commissioner:

Promote Youth Football: TUFF is all about introducing football at a young age. By becoming a commissioner, you'll be contributing to the development of the sport in your community and giving kids a chance to experience the joy of football without early age contact.

Inclusivity: TUFF is open to both boys and girls of all skill levels. It's not just about competition; it's about building confidence and teamwork in a welcoming environment. You'll be fostering a sense of belonging for children in your community.

Alignment with High School Rules: TUFF adapts most of the 7v7 rules that players will encounter in high school. This means that kids who participate will have a solid foundation for when they transition to more competitive levels of play. This benefits local High Schools as coaches can get involved as well. High Schools can also benefit by hosting the league on campus in order to get families to their facilities.

Innovative QB Tee: TUFF's use of a battery-operated QB Tee timer adds an innovative twist to traditional flag football, making the game even more exciting and realistic.

Comprehensive Support: As a TUFF commissioner, you won't be left to figure things out on your own. TUFF provides access to years of experience and support, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in running your own flag football program.

Branding and Gear: TUFF offers branded uniforms and League Commissioner Gear, giving your league a professional and cohesive look. This can help attract more participants and sponsors.

League Management Platform: TUFF provides a league management platform to streamline administrative tasks, making it easier for you to focus on creating a fun and engaging experience for the kids.

Marketing Solutions: TUFF assists with marketing solutions, helping you reach a wider audience in your community. Their expertise in this area can be invaluable in building a successful program.

No Startup Costs: The best part is that there are no franchise fees and no startup costs to bring TUFF to your community. This means you can start making a positive impact without a financial burden.

Community Building: By starting a TUFF league, you'll be creating a sense of community and camaraderie among parents, coaches, and players. It's a fantastic way to bring people together for a common purpose.

In conclusion, becoming a TUFF league commissioner offers you the chance to be a catalyst for youth football in your community. You'll be providing kids with a memorable and enriching experience while receiving the support and resources needed to succeed. Apply today to become a TUFF league commissioner and take the first step towards creating a lasting legacy of youth football in your local area!
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To run your very own TUFF Youth League is as simple as abc. You must first apply for the rights to host a league in your city. After approval, we will set you up on the website and your very own registration platform. Once you reach a minimum of 25 registered athletes we will send you the following:
TUFF Feather Flag
TUFF Banner
Bus. Cards
Commissioner Gear
TUFF  Registration Table Cloth
TUFF Designed Canopy

The payment process is just as simple. You pay the TUFF organization $50 per registered athlete. You profit the rest based on your registration fee. For example, if you charge $150 per athlete then you would profit $100 each. With a league average of 200 athletes you would profit $20,000 for up to an 8 week season. We pay our commissioners 50% of their profit the first week of scheduled games. We then pay the remainder during the 3rd week of their season(which could result in more than 50% due to late registrations).  A few weeks prior to the season kickoff is where we will process your uniform order and any additional needs deemed necessary. 
When you are awarded a TUFF franchise, your territory will be carefully configured by the ZIP Code based on the population of kids grades preK - 8th, along with a database analysis to help identify the absolute best ZIP Codes for your territory. Unlike many other programs, TUFF awards each owner with a protected territory. This means that no other franchisee will ever have the right to offer Texas Ultimate Flag Football within the ZIP Codes you have qualified to become a franchise owner of.
Many prime territories are available for growth

There is absolutely no financial investment required to start your very own TUFF league with Pro 7 Sports. There is only an approval process.
 ✅ How Much Does it Cost To Become A League Commissioner?.
  1. The franchise owner/commissioner will be responsible for the following:
 ✅ What are the Franchise Owners Responsible for?
◾️Overall operation of the league
  • Rostering teams
  • Uniform ordering
  • Scheduling of games
  • Parent/league relationships
◾️Leasing of the fields
◾️Scheduling of Officials and their compensation
◾️Marketing your TUFF league
◾️Decision to Scholarship any players 
 ✅ What do I Get for the $50 Per Player Fee?
  • Every player will receive a custom TUFF game jersey
  • Every player will receive a custom TUFF game short
  • Flag belts will be provided for the entire league
  • Championship player medals will be provided
  • Website management
  • Registration management system
  • Background Check system
  • Access to all digital custom marketing materials to promote your league
  • TUFF canopy and game day marketing items provided
  • Access to shop for TUFF apparel at discounted prices
League Commissioner's net roughly a $70 minimum per athlete based on the average registration and a typical league averages 200 athletes per each season(Fall, Winter, & Spring).
Leagues can welcome more than 500 athletes each season based on franchised territories.
Using these numbers, there is potential to earn between 20k-100k per year and that does not include your ability to make ancillary money on vendor relationships and local sponsors.
✅ How much money can I make as a Franchise Owner?
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